Counselor News
                                                      Jennifer Nichols

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Nichols and I am the counselor at Sonora Elementary and Intermediate.  This is my fifteenth year in education, but only my fifth year to be here in Sonora.  My family and I love this little town, and  I'm excited to be working with your children this year! 

Below are some of the programs I will be offering...

Character Education
There are six character traits that I teach throughout the year. They are: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. I go to each classroom once a week to teach a 30 minute character lesson in which children have the opportunity to hear stories, role play, ask questions, and participate in team building activities.

Small Groups
Part of the week is devoted to counseling students in small groups. Typically, these groups are created for those dealing with divorce, self-esteem, anger management, losses, getting along with others, being new to this school, making friends, and making good choices. Children who would like to participate in a small group counseling session must first obtain written permission from a parent or guardian.

Individual Guidance
If a student is having emotional or social challenges that are keeping them from remaining in the classroom, I may visit with that student individually. Student referrals may come from the classroom teacher, principal, assistant principal, parent, etc. My goal is to help that student cope with the current situation, so they will be able to be successful in the classroom. Sometimes working with an individual student can take a couple of sessions, but I will notify the parents when I see a student more than one time and will obtain permission. 

You may download the referral form here.

Social Thinking Groups
GO SUPERFLEX!  This is a small group that meets weekly.  During this time we focus on socially appropriate behaviors and skills needed to be successful in groups settings such as the classroom, sports teams, and peer groups. 

Why Try
I am very excited to be working with 5th graders this year and implementing Why Try.  Why Try teaches students how to gain more respect, freedom, and opportunities.  We will use music and visual clips to lead group discussions. 

I'm looking forward to a great year!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you - I'll be more than happy to help!

Jennifer Nichols
325-387-6940 Ext 3103